Dedication Ceremony for the Museum of the Subconscious 1996


From Adrian Piper’s website:


Calling Card, circa.1986-1990

More calling cards:

Cornered (1988):

Romare Bearden Projections Collage (1964):

Uncle Tom’s Cabin 1914

Breaking Kunta “Roots” 1976

Dialectic of freedom and constraint on the assembly line

Chuck Berry “No Particular Place to Go” (1964)

Bob Marley and the Wailers “Night Shift” (Live in New York 1974)

R. Kelly “You Remind Me of Something” (1995)

50 Cent and the geopolitics of conflict minerals

Palladium Mambo Dancers

Contact Improvisation “Shute” at John Weber Gallery, New York City, 1972. Performers: Steve Paxton, et al.

Alvin Ailey Company “Revelations” (filmed performance 1982): “I Want to Be Ready” 6:50

From Mambo to Hip Hop 1:00

Victor Quijada, Jayko Eloi and K-Os, “Man I Used to Be” extended dance remix

On “African mercenaries” in Libya:

Are the men we see pictured here perpetrators of state-sponsored violence, are they victims of racism, or is it possible that both of these things may be true at the same time? Are they being attacked in retaliation or in the course of a battle, or are they taken for mercenaries simply on the basis of their skin color? Is this just one more instance of non-citizens falling victim to a conflict that is not their own?