Justin Vernon has a new EP out. From IndieMusic:

Bon Iver has become a full band since For Emma, Forever Ago, yet there are only a few times on this ep that cultivates a full band sound. The last track, “Woods,” does not contain one of those moments as the song consists solely of a multi-tracked Vernon singing the lines “I’m up in the woods/I’m down on my mind/I’m building a still/to slow down the time” over and over again.

The track is the most surprising from the ep, prominently featuring the use of a vocoder, a device known for making human voices sound vaguely robotic. Vernon has managed to make the device sound uncharacteristically organic, but the song still feels like more of an experiment than a fully-realized song.

I agree it’s experimental, but that’s why I like it. Takes me back to Also there appears to be some debate as to whether or not to compare his use of vocoder (auto-tune) to Kanye’s. I’m down. But for me the ultimate vocoder experience will always be Zapp and Roger:

Somehow the genderbending pitch modulations of vocoder, combined with the cyborgian spectacle of those tubes hanging out of the sides of the singer’s mouth, indelibly transforms the idea of wanting to be someone else man into something gorgeous, space-age and pandrogynous.