Top Five EMP 2009 moments

5. Learning the original lyrics for Big Rock Candy Mountain from Graham Raulerson.
4. Learning from Fred Maus that the proper response when handed that “Time’s up” slip of paper is: “You’ve got to be kidding me!”
3. Being upstaged by my own video clip of Kalup Linzy singing in the bathtub: I’m pretty sure that got bigger round of applause than I did.
2. The resonances between Maureen Mahon’s paper on Ronnie Spector, Diane Pecknold’s on Linda Martel and Karen Shimakawa’s on Enka sensation Jero. They all spoke to how racially mixed bodies, or just bodies singing in the ‘wrong’ genre, open up necessary, transnational and comparative historical  conversations about race and the music industry.
1. Disagreeing with everything David Thomas said … and hanging on to his every word.