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Dedication Ceremony for the Museum of the Subconscious 1996


From Adrian Piper’s website:


Calling Card, circa.1986-1990

More calling cards:

Cornered (1988):

Romare Bearden Projections Collage (1964):

Dialectic of freedom and constraint on the assembly line

Chuck Berry “No Particular Place to Go” (1964)

Bob Marley and the Wailers “Night Shift” (Live in New York 1974)

R. Kelly “You Remind Me of Something” (1995)

50 Cent and the geopolitics of conflict minerals

Max Roach and Abbey Lincoln “Driva Man/Protest”

Cecil Taylor “Chinampas”

James Baldwin, “The Price of the Ticket”


Kehinde Wiley, Puma collaboration for World Cup 2010

Janelle Monae, “Many Moons” video, 2008

Kalup Linzy on General Hospital, 2010

Holland Cotter reviews the Mark Bradford retrospective in Boston:

By far the strongest and wittiest of the nonpainting works, though, is the 2005 video “Niagara.” It’s based on a single famous sequence in the 1953 film of that name, the long-held shot of Marilyn Monroe walking into the distance as the camera focuses on her undulating posterior. Mr. Bradford’s Marilyn equivalent is a South Central neighbor, Melvin, who, wearing marigold-colored shorts, walks away from the camera and down the street with a wild, hip-swinging strut. In a departure from the 1953 model, however, Melvin’s body is pressed up against the camera when the sequence starts. And he is filmed in slow motion, which transforms his strut into a sensuous sashay.